Tim Dwyer - Vocals, Guitars, Banjo

Tim Dwyer is a Denver area musical guru.  He played with Bob, Sandy, Mary, Garth and many others in his illustrious childhood.  He now continues that tradition of playing with many others, including himself, in his home studio.  Wait, that sounds wrong.  Nevermind.

Linda Bolander - Fiddles around a bit

What can be said about Linda that hasn't already been said by those who said stuff about Linda.  She’s a violinist's violinist, an avid mountaineer and makes a killer cookie.  ‘Nuff said.

Dave Hoffman - Drums, Cymbals, Sticks, Cans, Rocks, Whatever

Dave is the newest member of the Hooley family, which scares the heck out of the “normal” family.  Dave has performed with great music acts all around the Denver Metro Area. He’s even drummed with a few.

Kevin McCotter - Basso Profundo

Lord of the Low End, Kevin’s bottom is so big that… wait, that sounds wrong.  His bass protrudes in such a fashion that Milton Berle blushes.  No wait, that’s no good either.  He plays bass.

Where are their next gigs?

  • Dec 8
    The Little Bear Saloon,  Evergreen

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